How do I make an appointment using TutorTrac?

How do I make an appointment using TutorTrac?

1. When you click on the TutorTrac “QuickLink” from your portal (which can be added from the “More Quick Links” menu found under the default set of links on your portal’s main page) you should be taken to the TutorTrac main menu as shown below.

(Note: Click on the tab marked “TutorTrac Rules” to get a breakdown of the rules regarding how much tutoring per week a student is entitled to.)


2. In the left margin, you’ll see four options; the top option is titled “Search Availability”. Click that button to enter the screen where you will find available tutors.

3. The next screen offers you a dropdown menu of centers to select from. Please note that only the Writing & Tutoring Center and the Business Education Centers offer appointment-based tutoring. The other centers shown are drop-in tutoring like the MARC or computer-based workspaces or classrooms like the Cooperative Learning Center.

For business, economics, accounting, “CU” computer user courses, or statistics, you should choose the Business Education Center. For most other classes, the Writing & Tutoring Center is where you’ll find the help you need.


4. Once you have selected a center, your screen should offer a field labeled “Section” which will offer you a selection of choices that are specifically tailored to you and to that center. There will be a list of basic catch-all topics plus the classes in which you are currently enrolled.


5. Making a selection in the ‘Section’ field will make a “Search” button appear. Click that to find out if and when a tutor is available for your chosen tutoring center for that subject.


6. The right side of your screen will fill with half-hour blocks, each indicating a tutor’s availability on that day in that place. Click one of the boxes to book that half hour appointment.


7. A popup window will open, offering you a chance to write a note to your tutor explaining what specific kind of help you need so that they can better prepare for your appointment. (Entering a note is not mandatory, but it is very helpful for your tutor.)

8. Click “Save”.

9. You may book up to an hour for each appointment; this happens by selecting a second half hour block that falls immediately before or after your first half hour appointment block. (Note: The appointment block you just booked will disappear from the search since it is no longer available.)

Please remember that you may not book more than a hour per day with a single tutor and no more than two hours per subject in a given week.

10. Your main menu will now show a list of appointments that you have booked, indicating the tutoring center, subject, and tutor that you have chosen as you can see in the highlighted section of the image below.

11. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment for any reason, please call us at (253) 566-6032.

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